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Chris Namaizawa was raised in Tokyo, Japan, by his American father and Japanese mother.When he started his middle school life, wearing the school uniform, his multi-ethnic appearance was seen to be different from other classmates.Most Japanese children usually have black hair but his hair is light brown. Japanese teachers first thought that he dyed his hair, which wasn't allowed.Japanese culture values a harmony within the group and asks for retaining the same looks and the same sense with others in society.This sense of Japanese obligation to be the same in both looks and sense of thinking ("self-tunability") is governed in the Japanese society and people are always asked for it unconsciously. Japanese have the tendency to exclude someone appearing different. "Street Culture" fashion in Tokyo was Chris' life-saver and especially his cap functioned quite well to hide his multi-ethnic appearance and fit into Japanese society. The Acrylic papers are painted first and used for his art works. His art pieces are produced by putting thousands of Acrylic painted papers to his canvas as he planned. Then he tears them off with his artistic sense of impulsive techniques as his soul leads to become his art pieces. Torn papers were under his art piece as debris when his work completed. Those debris are showing how the artist went through his conflict in Japanese society and how his work was produced and leave his trace of art work.


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NEW YOKU CITY!! OITA by murakamien

温泉都市お土産グッズ製作 NEW YOKU CITY(入浴シティ) ONSEN CITY(温泉シティ)


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